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MessageSujet: Guild Rules   Sam 12 Déc - 22:28

Friends, it's time to change a few things in this guild, end of the week was sad, we went down C3 whereas we were G1 every weeks. With Crystal since September, we wrote every person in the guild, there was a lot of kick, in our last guildmates we got good ppl and less good. In this game, there are always new ppl, people who are looking for optimisation to the max (hopefuly they are here) so, from today, with crystal we're going to be more strict and if we see something we don't like we'll kick without hesitate. We always wanted 25 actives persons but when we saw last gw results, we saw a sort of slackening from some ppl. In reality, we've got 15 good ppl, and 14 here to stop us. We're going to give a shot to those 14 until next saturday to show us that you're not here for nothing. For those 14 ppl if you do something we don't like, it will be a kick. We're going to recruit ppl from every nationality, we wanted only french ppl but we saw that english or german ppl like to play with us and keep on playing.

Now that you red this message you'll need to accept 3 essentials rules, not to complicated ... in guild war and to the respect of ppl

1: No fuss ( since July we didn't see tiresome ppl and it's good like it is. It's a game and it stays a game, even if for some ppl it's a passion, no need to be tiresome, we help each other and that's it.

2: We warn Crystal or Oxinou if we're not free to one or several gw. We can always stand in for an other person. A ppl who warn will never be kicked.

3 : We are 25 players, we want more points in gw. Now we good target rules in GW.

Target rule is not complicated:

First : Forbidden to attack enemy if there's someone attacking him.
Second : Forbidden to attack enemy if there's green tower aside.

Explication : We are 25 players with a minimum of monster lvl 40 and "well runed", it's normal that there are players with better runes than us.
With Crystal when we launch Gw, we always Try to kill +3 /2 minimum, it's normal we play since 1 year, with our level we can try to kill the best, rank 1000 or 1200 it will be the same, even if we loose, we will do it for the guild.

That's true, sometimes it won't be that simple, we are all tempt to attack easy enemy, win a lot of points, but a lost gw = no victory points, and saturday night it's probably less summoning stones...

From now, i'd like to know your opinion, if there's something you disagree, let us know, if you agree, write your nickname + OK, it will tell me that you're OK with what i wrote.
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Guild Rules
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